About “Southern Unionists Chronicles”

This site was created to serve as an outlet for people who, after having read first-person accounts of Southerners who were not “in harmony” with the secession movement or the Confederacy, provide a summary of readings. Stories will be accepted from various people, but contributions must focus on the historical value of the first-person narrative. The summaries and stories provided here are not “shock history” (history presented as a means to influence people to prefer one side side over the other). No doubt, the readings will be considered by some as “shocking,” but the idea is to present information for the consideration of the general public.

Furthermore, this site has not been created to diminish the horrors of war experienced at the hands of Union soldiers (for that matter, neither has it been created to diminish the experiences of Northerners at the hands of Confederate soldiers. The prime example here being the actions of Confederate soldiers at Chambersburg). It is clear that episodes like that happened, but there were also episodes wherein Southerners behaved badly when dealing with other Southerners; most especially, this is where the stories of the Southern Unionists come into focus. As somebody once said, “there is plenty of blame to go around” when talking about the horrors of the Civil War.

Hopefully, the comments will shed light into the incidents, people, and events surrounding a particular event mentioned in a narrative. As a suggestion, prior to commenting, read the summaries, think about them, and consider other factors that may have been at work. For that matter, perhaps a reader can provide biographical information about the people involved in a narrative, and thereby provide us with more tools to better analyze and understand.

Guidelines for the submitting summaries
A) Submissions are highly encouraged. When writing a summary, please remember that this site was created to inform the public that there were actually people in the South, during the Civil War, who 1) considered themselves Southerners, yet did not agree with secession or the Confederacy or 2) may have changed their beliefs of the same at some time during the war.

B) Submissions should be summaries of first-person narratives written or documented as coming from Southern Unionists (as defined in “A” above).

C) Summaries must be based on real first-person narratives found in such sources as Southern Claims Commission Applications (aka Southern Loyalist Claims), Union pension records, or similar records.

D) Summaries that are condemning of Southern Unionists (e.g., “rants”) and add nothing of value to understanding Southern Unionists and their perspective will be rejected from consideration for this site (in other words, “we won’t post ‘em”).

E) When submitting a summary, please include your name, relationship to the person mentioned in the story (if any relationship exists) and either your e-mail address or a point of reference
(e.g., a blog) on the Web.

F) For those who might be interested, a Contributors Profile Page may be developed wherein the author of a summary will be able to write about why a particular story/Southern Unionist is important to them.

G) Summaries that have been contributed for inclusion in this site will be posted at the rate of one (1) per day (more if I have time). Dependent on contribution flow, there may be a backlong before your contribution is posted to this site.

H) Since we are early in this project, my guess is, for now, to keep your summaries to under 1,000 words each. Granted, that makes for a long blog post, but, again, this isn’t really a blog.

Regarding the Use of the Content on this Site
A) This site has been created strictly for free public access, but any use of posted summaries should be properly cited (a guide as to how information from this site should be cited will be included at a later time).

B) This site has not been created with the idea of making money for anyone. Refer back to “A” as to why this site was created.

Notes regarding comments made to this site and the respective summaries
A) Comments are welcome, and encouraged for interaction with authors of the respective summaries. These exchanges can go beyond the summary structure presented in the respective posts, but should “take life from” the nature of what has been written in the summary.

B) Comments that are rant-like in the condemnation of Southern Unionist or the author of the summary, will not be tolerated and will be deleted/blocked.

And one last note… These rules are subject to change and may be amended as deemed necessary.

Thank you,

Robert H. Moore, II
Site Administrator/Editor


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