The Shelton Laurel Massacre

The slain included James Shelton, David Shelton, Azariah Shelton, William Chandler, Wade H. Moore, Roderick Shelton, David Shelton, Jr., James Shelton, Jr., William Shelton, Joseph Woods, Ellison King, Halen Moore, and James Metcalf.

More information on the massacre can be found here, here, and here.

A very good discussion thread can also be found here and here in the Southern Unionist Forum. Included in these threads is a brief discussion about the hangings of women following the Shelton Laurel Massacre. When reading note the extremely good investigative work and analysis that has been applied to this event.


12 Responses to “The Shelton Laurel Massacre”

  1. And you didn’t submit this to HMDB? I’d hate to have to drive down there myself!

  2. southernunionists Says:

    Hey Craig,

    Nahhh, I didn’t actually go down there… and that’s the beautiful thing about the Web. Everybody posts such great photos that virtual visits are a breeze!

  3. My great grand father pete was the son of stob rod shelton, a victim of slm. My mother used to talk to pete often circa 1942. I have some pictures of the family on my myspace url posted in the above website.

    • southernunionists Says:

      Thank you for commenting Joseph, and for providing the link to the photos. Glad to hear the memory of these folks has been preserved within the families.

    • Joseph,
      Thanks for the link to your page, and the wonderful pictures of the Sheltons, Shelton Laurel, and Flag Pond.


  4. Donna Dennison Says:

    Ellison King was my great-great-great grandfather. I wanted to note that his name was Ellison and not Allison. The story of the massacre has been told through my family as well. Does anyone have any details regarding the 5 who were actually part of the raid in Marshall. I am curious as to who was part of that. Does not excuse the brutality of the massacre. Just curious. Thanks.

    • Thanks for writing Donna, especially since you are descended from Ellison King! I’ll make the adjustment in spelling. I’d also like to know more about this story. Perhaps someone else who views this can be of help.

    • Donna Peterson Dampier Says:

      I am a descendant of Ellison King through my great grandmother Viva King Thomas. I am looking for information on Ellison King’s parents. I am working on our family tree as a gift for my mother and am stuck at a dead end with Ellison. Do you have any information you could give me?

      • Donna Dennison Says:

        Hello, nice to meet you. Sadly I do not have Ellison King’s parents names. I will keep looking and get back to you if I find their names. Good Luck!!!

  5. David A Shelton Says:

    All of my family say that these men were southern thru and true but were framed by torries who worked at such low down ways as this

  6. David W Shelton Says:

    Got to leave it to the Yanks to set up Family, its been a long time since I been to SLM. I really need to go, Im a decendent of the Shelton men who were killed. My Great Grandfather John Albert Shelton and Grandfather Thomas Emory Shelton

  7. Kena hurst Says:

    I am a resident of Shelton Laurel and my grandfather told us the story as well. His grandmothee was just a child at the time and helped bury the men and children that were murdered. I did research on the event as a school assignment and my mother owns tge land where the men stayed there last night.

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