Mexican Texans in the Union Army

This is interesting…

I just saw this post over at Civil War Books and Authors (Jerry D. Thompson). The book was published in 1986, but worth noting in the history of Texas’ Unionists.

Note that Thompson is also the author of Vaqueros in Blue and Gray.


3 Responses to “Mexican Texans in the Union Army”

  1. Greg Rowe Says:

    While I have not read any of Thompson’s works, it should be noted that many Tejanos (Texans of Mexican ancestry) had risked a great deal in siding with Texas during the Texas Revolution and Unionism was probably more common among them because of this.

    Although, Santa Anna retained some loyalty in the Rio Grande Valley for several years following Texas independence and some of these Tejanos may have had other reasons to see Texas fail and would want to fight for the Union, somewhat like the Irish Catholics who fought for Mexico during the Mexican War, the loyalty rested with a specific group rather than with a specific political ideology. Motivations like these are difficult to pinpoint, but, as it relates to Texas history, I am finding this an under-researched area.

    • southernunionists Says:


      Thanks for the comment and the additional insight. It’s interesting to see how dynamic “Southern perspective” actually was at the time of the war; the perspective of the Tejanos makes the story even richer.

  2. Eloy Zamora Says:

    I would like to thank Mr. Thompson for the list of union civil war soldiers he provided in the book. My great grandfather is listed and I wish I also had a picture of him or a unit picture. Great job anyway. His hame was Ignacio Zamora serving with the Texas Cavalry Co. E and H. He was born in Reynosa , Tamp., Mexico but probably also lived across the river in Penitas, Texas which was settled in 1749.

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