Interpretive markers for Southern Unionists

In yesterday’s post, Craig over at To the Sound of the Guns pointed out the addition of another Southern Unionist interpretive marker to The Historical Marker Database. This particular marker focuses on Elizabeth Van Lew.

More information can be found about Ms. Van Lew’s activities here and in this limited preview of the book, Southern Lady, Yankee Spy (2003) by Elizabeth R. Varon, available at Google Books. Also, note the photo of Ms. Van Lew below, as made available on this page from the Virginia Historical Society website.

I asked Craig about the others and he sent me a list of all markers that mention “Unionists.” I’m going to take a little time to go through them to see if I can nail-down exactly which ones mention “Southern Unionists” so that I can mention them here.


2 Responses to “Interpretive markers for Southern Unionists”

  1. Don’t forget the honorable Mr. Perry from South Carolina:

    Although maybe “Quasi-Unionist” best describes him. He accepted secession when the issue was put to a vote. Of course later was quick to change that stance when Columbia was on fire!

  2. Thanks Craig! That would make him a “conditional Unionist,” and that’s something I need to write a bit more about in this blog.

    Looks like I have a little catching-up to do with these markers specifically. That brings to mind something else, got something for Virginia’s very own Mr. Botts?

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