Old News, but worth following

In my efforts to see if there is a marker for John Minor Botts and David Hunter Strother (the familiar face/guardian that towers over all of the posts here), I do see that, as of last April, there was mention of placing a marker for David Hunter Strother at his old home in Martinsburg. As far as Botts is concerned, I can’t find anything!


7 Responses to “Old News, but worth following”

  1. Robert (aka SouthernUnionist): Victoria Bynum contacted me about your site. I am a descendant of the Collins and Walters families of Jones County, MS who were part of the Piney Woods defiance of Confederate authority. These were non-slave owning livestock herders who felt they had no stake in defending the peculiar institution. Some only gave evidence of their lack of commitment by deserting while others actively fought Confederacy forces sent to bring them to heel. Some of these took the ultimate step of joining Union forces in New Orleans.

    Prior to Victoria’s book “Free State of Jones” this Deep South rebellion against the Confederate cause was either ignored or misinterpreted. I have an article in press about Sarah Collins Walters Parker, the sole member of the Collins family who owned slaves (probably 2) but who nevertheless sheltered her brothers and nephews during their conflict with Confederate forces.

    Glad you have established a focal point for sharing of information about Southern Unionist in all their varied locations and forms.

    • Great to hear from you Ed! Vikki told me she would be contacting you about the blog and I’m glad she did. I’m rather determined to see that the next big anniversary of the war doesn’t leave these folks forgotten once again and gives a good accounting of just how common these people were throughout the South. If you can share anything about your findings in a future post here, I’d appreciate it. Clearly, the memory of the Confederacy does not define the South or all of those who lived in it during the war…

  2. The only marker I know of for Botts is his defiantly Unionist grave marker in Shockoe Hill Cemetery, Richmond. If you don’t have an image of that, I’d be glad to send one along.

  3. I’ll send it tomorrow. Please feel free to use it here. His son Archibald, USMA graduate and Mexican War victim, is buried next to him, and I’ll send that too.

  4. Larry Denton Says:

    I am trying to contact Robert Moore…can you furnish an email address for him or pass this on…
    Larry Denton
    Civil War Historian

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