John Minor Botts’ last say regarding his Unionism

Thanks to blog reader Jeffry Burden, we have this photos of John Minor Botts’ last say-so regarding the level of Unionism that remained within him to the end.



25 Responses to “John Minor Botts’ last say regarding his Unionism”

  1. Mike Cronin Says:

    J.M.Botts is related to me in some way. My great great grandfather fought in the Civil War. He served in the 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. His name was Sidney Jasper Botts. His grandfather, Joseph O. Botts, was a pioneer in Hancock Co. Ill. and farmer and Baptist minister. He was born in Culpepper Co. Va. in 1790. His fathers name was John. He moved from Culpepper Co. in 1793 to Mason Co. Ky. John married Lucy Gaines of Culpepper Co. and was born in Overwharton Parrish, Stafford Co. Va. on Oct. 25, 1754. His fathers name was Seth Botts who was born in 1713 and died in Stafford Co. Va. in 1776. They were wealthy slave owners in the Northern Neck area of the colony. Twenty odd years ago I saw a book by J.M. Botts about the secessionists. I wanted to buy it but didn’t have the money at the time. I cannot remember its title now. Thank you for posting this photo. Where is it taken? Thanks Mike.

    • Hi Mike, It would be interesting to see how the two Botts were connected. The photo was taken at the Shockoe Hill Cem., in Richmond, Va.

    • David Botts Says:

      Cousins – email me as I track our lines. Thomas>Seth>John>Joseph>William>William>Charles>William>*David*>Stephen

      • mcronin53 Says:

        Hi David. Just wanted to thank you for putting your info on your family tree on this sight. I have a copy of a will of Seth Botts in the 1700’s. I have beenn over to Hancock Co. Ill. a couple times. Have photos of the headstones of my direct ancestors and yours. The church Joseph O Botts founded in the 1830’s is still active in St. Marys where Joseph O and William are buried. William was married twice and my ancestor Sidney was from his first marriage. There is a headstone of a John Minor Botts at the cemetary, undoubtedly named after the famous Virginia Unionist. I have more information of them that might interest you. I have learned a great deal about Sidney and his regiment in the war. I have visited some of the sights of where he was in the war. This probably wouldn’t interest you just thought i would mention it. Mike.

      • David. I am having trouble sending a note to you on this sight. I have some Botts information that might interest you and perhaps you have some for me. Mike

  2. James Kenline Says:

    The line goes like this: Sidney, Joseph, John, Seth, Thomas Jr,Thomas Sr(B England)

    The other line is this: John Minor Botts, Aaron, Seth(Your earliest common ancestor) Thomas Jr, Thomas Sr(Born-England)

  3. David Botts Says:

    Cousins Mike and James:

    Over here I’m:

    David,William,William,Charles,William,William,Joseph,John,Seth,Thomas and have probably the most extensive family research. Been to Shockoe Hill Cemetery and passed John’s original book on to our adopted cousin who wrote a paper in law school on him.

  4. Minor Botts Smith Says:

    Great information. My line is Stuart Lewis, John Minor Botts Lewis, jr, JMBLewis, Lunsford Lomax Lewis,

  5. Alex F Wysocki Says:

    It is great to be reminded that not all Virginians jumped
    ship. Thanks for the info

  6. Says:

    My 2X Grandfather, George William Booker US representative from Henry County 1870-71 named a son John Minor Botts BOOKER. George was a strong union man and must have admired rep. BOTTS. “Botts” is variously rferred to in Henry County records as “Miner”, “Botts” and “Minor”. I found this info in my family research. Very interesting stuff.

    Regards, Howard M. Smith, Jr.

  7. Hi my name is Terry,

    I am doing geneology research on John Minor Bolts Lewis, III .

    He is son of John Minor Bolts Lewis, Jr., I have found quite a bit of information on JMB Lewis, Jr. An obituary, picture of headstone and location of grave (nearby me ). Him and his wife were philanthrapist to various constituents. I believe there is a reading room named after his wife Frances at nearby Hollins University.

    I have found some information about his grandfather John Minor Bolts Lewis (Sr.). Possibly architect in Lynchburg and brothers Charles Langhorn and Lunsford Lomax.

    I know JMB Lewis III had a sister Christina Stuart Lewis Smith.

    I know he lived in Roanoke and possibly died around 1980, 1983.
    He lived in a Roanoke duplex possibly twice (or mistakenly duplicated in the historic city directories). He purchases the duplex.
    On the owner transfer documents the property is transferred from him to Alton Prillaman (a lawyer here in Roanoke) as executor.

    It looks like a note to the side ‘dec’d 7/29/1980’ not with the transfer date Nov, 26 1980. I was hoping that was the date of his death.

    I am coming up empty to find out about JMB Lewis III. I am trying to find out the dates of his life/death, relationships he had and how he died and where he lays to rest.

    Any information would be very appreciated.

    • David Botts Says:


      I’m one of JMB’s cousins. Contact me and I’ll check my records. I believe the family goes down to at least JMBL IV.

      JMBL IV was in Georgia at least through the 1990’s as I recall.

  8. that is BOTTS and not BOLTS sorry for mispelling

  9. This is all so fascinating. My Father Terry Lee Botts is researching our family heritage as well. We have records tracing back to James Jason Botts born abt 1829 North Carolina, died in civil war Oct 17th 1862. He enlisted on April 3rd 1862 ranked as a 2nd Sergt serving the state of Georgia. He was married to Permelia Ann Botts. I am having trouble finding any more information about who his parents were.
    Have any of you uncovered any helpful information possibly relating John Minor Botts to James Jason Botts?
    Thank you for your time!


    • David Botts Says:

      Vanessa (and the other as yet connected Botts):

      I have donated DNA into the Botts Surname DNA Project. As far as I know I am the first of the Thomas Botts family (Colonial Stafford County) to do so. See:

      You can determine if you are a member of the Thomas Botts family (Colonial Stafford County) by having your dad submit DNA. This family has been the most documented of the Botts families on paper.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      I am also wondering the same exact thing! Were you able to find any more information on this? Sgt James Jason Botts was my great great great grandfather.


      • Vanessa Botts-Meacham Says:

        I have begun tracing family lines again. The line through John Minor Botts doesn’t fit; I’ve traced through all the male lines in John Minor Botts Brothers and Uncles…nothing matches up. Still searching. Have you found anything?

        • Colleen Peloquin Says:

          Vanessa, I have not found any more information on any connection to my Caroline Botts.

        • Jennifer Johnson Says:

          Hi Vanessa! I am also searching this same line, Jason James Botts was my GGGG Grandfather. I am running into the same dead end, please keep posted If you find anything and I will as well…. Thanks so much! Jennifer Johnson

        • Jennifer Johnson Says:

          I meant James Jason Botts:-)

  10. I have an ancestor named John M. Botts that after emancipation, lived in Lee, Faquier, VA, only 14 mi. or so east of John Minor Botts’s Culpeper home. He was born in 1859. I wonder if he could have been the slave of or even related to John Minor Botts since he was listed as being Mulatto in one record. Would anyone know of J.M. Botts’s slaves record?

  11. Says:

    I have a photo of a Caroline Bott (England) she married a Henrich Liesebrinck (Germany) My GGGrandparents…I was reading a novel about the Civil War and came across the Bott name and have been finding and reading everything I can find. No Caroline so far…. Have any of you found one in your Genealogical research? Her daughter, Lena Liesebrinck Dilger was born 1878 in Germany – came to US and lived and died in Dayton, Ohio.

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