Dealing with the Confederate threat to Southern Unionists in eastern Tennessee (1863)

In the Field, Chattanooga, Tenn.,
November 5, 1863.

The habit of raiding parties of rebel cavalry visiting towns, villages, and farms, where there are no Federal forces, and pillaging Union families, having become prevalent, department commanders will take immediate steps to abate the evil or make the loss by such raids fall upon secessionists and secession sympathizers of the neighborhood where such acts are committed.

For every act of violence to the person of an unarmed Union citizen, a secessionist will be arrested and held as hostage for the delivery of the offender.

For every dollar’s worth of property taken from such citizens or destroyed by raiders, an assessment will be made upon secessionists of the neighborhood and collected by the nearest military forces under the supervision of the commander thereof, and the amount thus collected paid over to the sufferers.

When such assessments cannot be collected in money, property useful to the Government may be taken at a fair valuation, and the amount paid in money by a disbursing officer of the Government, who will take such property upon his returns.

Wealthy secession citizens will be assessed in money and provisions for the support of Union refugees who have and may be driven from their homes and into our lines by the acts of those with whom such secession citizens are in sympathy.

All collections and payments under this order will be made through disbursing officers of the Government, whose accounts must show all money and property received under it and how disposed of.

By order of Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant.
Assistant Adjutant-General.


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