April 19, 1864 – Operations against Unionists in Marion County, Ala.

Tuscaloosa, Ala., April 27, 1864.

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to report to Brigadier-General Armstrong, commanding division, that in obedience to orders from General Jackson I left Tuscaloosa on the morning of the 19th instant in command of detachments from the Sixth and Ninth Texas Cavalry Regiments (commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Ross and Major Bates, respectively), and Captain Lee’s squadron, from the Third Texas Cavalry, amounting in all to about 300 men. I proceeded according to instructions to operate against the tories, who were reported to be in open resistance in Marion County, Ala. On the route a small party of my men were fired into by a party of men dressed in Federal uniform. The tories immediately fled and were hotly pursued, but getting into the hills they made their escape. I learned on my return that one of these men was a captain in the Federal army, and down there on recruiting service. The others were tories belonging to the Yankee army and at home on furlough. When I reached Marion County I found that the reports in regard to the tories had been greatly exaggerated, and that there were none of them in open resistance. There are a great many deserters there in the woods and a good many of them are armed, and I learned that secret organizations existed among them, but saw no evidence of an open resistance.

In regard to the case of Captain Woodward, which I was ordered to investigate, I found the captain with an order to recruit and organize a battalion, given him by Colonel Patterson, commanding a brigade in General Roddey’s command, and a letter of instructions from the same, which I herewith transmit. Deeming his authority insufficient, I brought Captain Woodward and all of the men that he had with him in with me. Finding that I could not longer remain in Marion County, owing to the great scarcity of forage, after remaining two days I determined to report with my command at Tuscaloosa.

I captured a good many conscripts and deserters, and succeeded in reaching this place with about 50 men whom I found absent from their commands without proper authority.
Respectfully submitted.

Colonel Ninth Texas Cavalry,
Comdg. Detachment Texas Brig., Jackson’s Cav. Div.
Assistant Adjutant-General, Jackson’s Division.



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