Re-boot… and an interesting link to the story of Ft. Rice

No, this blog didn’t die, but is being readied to take on the Sesquicentennial… from the Southern Unionist angle, of course. For that reason, I left the RSS feed live in my main blog.  As much as I would like to cover the broader story of Southern Unionism throughout the South, most of the posts that will follow here will focus on Virginia (though, certainly, not limited to Virginia alone). I will also follow tales about Southerners who were among the Galvanized Yankees. Sure, not all Galvanized Yankees can be considered Southern Unionists, but their story, like those of Southern Unionists, have been just as much overlooked over the years.

In the meantime, enjoy this link to information about Fort Rice State Historic Site… where many a Galvanized Yankee spent some time. You may recall my efforts in identifying the Galvanized Yankees who died while stationed at Fort Rice, and whose remains were removed in the early 1900s to Custer National Cemetery.


2 Responses to “Re-boot… and an interesting link to the story of Ft. Rice”

  1. Alex F Wysocki Says:

    It’s to their credit that they volunteered to serve out west. it was no place
    for one to goldbrick

    • Actually, most didn’t know where they were going when they enlisted. The 1st USV was sent first to N.C. for service, and then, realizing the problems this might result in (former Confederates captured by Confederates), their theater of operations was necessarily changed, and they were sent west. All-in-all, a truly forgotten set of folks who have a tremendous story to “tell”.

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