Looking for photos of Galvanized Yankees

While photos of Galvanized Yankees in blue uniforms might be near impossible to find (or haven’t been identified), I’m still on the hunt for them… as well as photos of these same fellows in postwar years (or, for that matter, even of them in gray!). Additionally, if there are any photos of the junior officers, in command of the Galvanized Yankee regiments, I’d be interested in seeing them.


6 Responses to “Looking for photos of Galvanized Yankees”

  1. Richard Says:

    Hi Robert. I have a photo of a Galvanized Yankee in gray. He was captured and confined at point lookout, then later deserted.

  2. Glenda M. Patton Says:

    Robert, I have a good photo of my gg grandfather, who was a Galvanized Yankee. I believe he was in his early sixties when the picture was made. He was captured at Missionary Ridge and spent about a year at Rock Island; served another year in the Nebraska Territory and was honorably discharged from the Federal army late in 1865. He was in Company D, Third U.S. Volunteers.

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