Winston County

5 Responses to “Winston County”

  1. I’ve seen mock maps of the Unionist state of Nickajack (Compromising the unionist counties of north Alabama and east Tennessee). I’ve seen Winston County listed as the Capital of the state. Just below it is my county (Walker), the second most unionist county in the state. Marion was third.

  2. I’m an author and historian researching information on James Curtis one of the Curtis brothers of Winston. I’m especially looking for memoirs, documents or hand-me-down stories. James served in the Union army and is said to have revenged the killing of 3 of his brothers by Confederate home guards. After hunting his brother’s killers, he surfaced in Wayne County, Tenn., and died there a respected doctor in 1896. There is a fair amount of information about him in Winston but not in Wayne County, Tenn. Any information would be appreciated. I’m the author of 10 books, many articles and screenplays. More about me at my website or on Google. Thank you for any help here.

  3. Eddy A. Flick Says:

    I am a g-g-son of a home guard militia member who may have been killed by Aunt Jenny Brooks or one of her sons. l am in an effort to sort things out and l can share what l know so far.

  4. Robert K Wilcox Says:

    Dear Eddy: I’m still working on James Curtis and never heard from you. I’d like to hear what you have about Aunt Jenny Brooks and one of her sons. Thanks.

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