Marion County

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  1. A home for unionist. My unionist family from south Georgia settled there after the war.

  2. Dave Frederick Says:

    William M. Frederick married Adaline Tyra Jan 1859, Marion County Alabama just a couple years before the start of the Civil War. In June 1862, William left his home in Marion County and made his way to Tuscumbia Alabama to join a Union regiment. He must have heard the Union troops were gathering in Northern Alabama and in camp at Tuscumbia. He joined the 3rd Ohio Cavalry, Company A, June 28th 1862 and stayed with the regiment throughout the war. William would get a 20 day furlough in March 1865 when the 3rd Ohio Cav was in camp at Gravelly Springs Alabama. According to a journal that Sgt. Issac Skillman (Company A) was keeping, “Cpl. Frederick will travel at night to make it home in Marion County”. We can follow William’s movements because of regimental logs and journals but, what of Adaline?
    Adaline is a mystery though this time. No doubt, the Confederate authorities in the area must have known of the unionist in the area. I have often wondered about the life of Adaline at this time. She must have been a strong person. She had a home/farm to care for as well as a baby girl. Adaline may have gone to her father in laws home, John M Frederick a noted unionist. There is a story handed down from Zilla L. Frederick, daughter of John M Frederick (Zilla would marry Dave Mitchell an ex Confederate soldier), to her great granddaughter, Dell Mitchell, One time yankee soldiers came through and Zill took Missouri Ann (William and Adaline’s baby girl) and threw her on the feather bed where apparently it closed up around her. Young Marvel Frederick (This is James W Frederick’s son and grandson of John M. Frederick) came over next to his Aunt Zill for protection and one of the soldiers said “we wont hurt you young man, I have a son about your age.” Dell related this story to me (Mike Frederick of Muscle Shoals Alabama) on April 4, 1992 & April 3, 1997. Could be Adaline stayed with John M. Frederick for some time but, also worked the farm.
    In February 1865, Adaline had some “guests”. William must have got home and back to the regiment Feb 1865 after his furlough. During Wilson’s march south, the 3rd OVC was moving south with him. According to Sgt. Issac Skillman’s journal, “ Our company went with corporal Frederick to his home on the Pikeville Road, arrived at his home 3pm and remained overnight”. That must have been news for the area. William never heard from home during the war. I know William could write because of this pension records but, could Adaline?
    I hope to learn more of Adaline and other women associated with unionist.

  3. Dave Frederick Says:

    James W Frederick (son of John M Frederick and brother to William M. Frederick) left his home in Marion County with his brother in law, Joseph W. Britnell and made their way to Tuscumbia, Alabama to join a Union regiment. In July 1862, James and Joseph joined the 38th Ohio Inf Co. B. Unfortunately, it did not take long for death from sickness took them both. Both men died in October 1862. James W. Frederick and Joseph W. Britnell are buried in the Nashville National Cem.
    Another brother to William, John E. Frederick, is unaccounted for after the 1860 census. There is a John Frederick buried in the Nashville National Cem. but, I’m still working on who this John Frederick is.

  4. Annette K. Tingle Says:

    Some of my Kennedy ancestors were, I believe, neighbors of the Fredericks and Britnells. One is buried in the Stones River National Battlefield cemetery. Another served in the 1st Ala Cav and is buried in Hackleburg.

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