Berkeley County


Approved Claims
John H. Boltz (41895) (Grave)
John Dalwick (43106) (Grave)
James T. Hazelwood (51318)
David Hess
Hamilton J. Keiter (51319) (Grave?)
Benjamin Lock (51320)
James S. Pitzer (37318) (Grave)
James W. Snyder
Philip Henry Welshans (Grave)
John Wilson

Barred and Disallowed
Robert N. Bain (14998)
James Criswell (15196)
Joseph Detter (15197)
Thomas T. Evans (17313)
John W. Freeze (13212)
John Hayslett (15004)
George W. Henson (15005)
Ezra Herring (5093) (Grave)
John W. Lamon (15009) (Grave)
James Lloyd (14369)
James W. Morrow (17315)
Aaron Myers (18208) (Grave)
George J. Pitzer (5382)
James H. Robinson (15198)
Francis R. Sheperd (14536)
Henry C. Welshans (14544)
George W. Zepp (1182)

Others Civilians Identified as Unionists
Thomas Noakes (Martinsburg)
Christian Frederick Laise (Bunker Hill)
Mortimer Cookus

Others Identified Uniformed Unionists
B.H. Fellers, 8th NY Cavalry

Note: This is an ongoing project. Data is currently incomplete, and will be updated as additional data is collected. At present most of the above named persons are only those who are reflected in Fold3, as having filed an application to the Southern Claims Commission. Others identified (to date) as Unionists appear in the last two subcategories. In time, USCTs and others will be added. 

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  1. […] wonder who he was. He isn’t on my list of Southern Unionists for Berkeley or Jefferson counties, but that merely means he hasn’t made the list yet (and won’t […]

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