Frederick County


Approved Claims
Alexander W. Albin (41692)
Isaac Baker (55242; Baker was not the applicant, but Lewis N. Huck acted as a trustee on behalf of Baker’s children)
James H. Barnhart (55220)
Abner Bond (48620) (Grave) *Quaker
James Boyles (48627) (Grave)
Ellison Brown (48624) (Grave)
William Brown (41707)
Charles E. Clevenger (36716)
Joseph Clowser (42973) (Grave)
William Fahnestock (36773) (Grave)
Aaron H. Griffin (42996)
Elijah Hodgson (36718)
Samuel Hodgeson (48731)
Joseph Neil Jolliffe (41793) (Voted for Lincoln) (Grave) (Quaker)
Milford Jones (41794)
Samuel L. Larew (48749) (Grave)
Elizabeth Mummaw (51463)
Leroy Newcome (41817)
George S. Rinker (41831)
Lycurgus E. Savage (43064) (Grave)
Henry C. Shipley (51224)
Henry S. Singhass (48750)
William H. Stewart (48781)
Elijah Williams (41890)

Barred and Disallowed
Hiram Adams (1968)
William H. Anderson (20789)
William N. Anderson (4488)
Eugene Blockey (11893)
Abner Bond (48620)
James Boyles (21222)
Mary M. Brindle and Daniel Brindle (13370) (Grave)
Daniel W. Brown (17509)
Elizon Brown (48624)
William Brown (41707)
Joseph Cadwallader (8331) (Grave)
Philip W. Carper (9935)
William B. Carper (7946)
William Carper (11013)
Zachariah Crawford (17559)
William Dean Sr. (12416)
William Fahnestock (36773)
G.H. Carter (4781)
M.C. Carter (4780)
William A. Carter (10294)
Osmin Chamberlin (19126)
Charles E. Clevinger (36716)
Joseph Clowser (42973)
Levi Cooper (17400)
William A. Evans (20788)
Bernard Fetzer (21793) (Grave) *former Confederate
George R. Fletcher (10708)
Joseph E. Funkhouser (18883) (Grave) *Early war Confederate militia
Lyles Grim (7947)
Abner Hodgson (2633)
Elijah Hodgson (12440)
Samuel Hodgson (48731)
Lewis N. Huck (55242)
Daniel Huff (8333)
Meshack Johnson (17510)
Milford Jones (41794)
George W. Keller (10331)
Samuel L. Larew and Henry S. Singhass (48749)
James W. Lewis (12114)
Mary B. Lovett (7041)
John S. Magill (20584)
W.H.M. Mahaney (Joseph P. Mahany; Grave) (21301)
Mary Ann McCauley (9936)
Charles B. Meredith (7950)
Thomas H. Mules (21619)
Elizabeth Mummaw (51463)
Leroy Newcome (41817)
John W. Owen (20583)
Jonathan E. Pitman (15320)
Samuel Rees Pritchard (14653)
Mordecia Purcell (14027)
James Rea (1188)
George S. Rinker (41831)
James Russell (16874)
Lycurgus E. Savage (43064)
Alfred Seal (8408)
Barbary A. Shearer (7951)
James Sherman (20308)
Henry C. Shipley (14315)
Zephariah Silver (8697)
Jacob Spillman (20307)
William H. Stewart (48781)
Joseph Stine (18553)
Edward Webb (10329)
Elijah Williams (11490)

Other Identified Unionists (list being developed)
George Aulick (Grave)
Joseph F. Bean, Co. A, 87th Ohio Infantry
Mordecai Bean
Henry Beson (Quaker)
J.L. Bowers
John Bromley
Charles Fectigue Cather (Grave)
William Cather (Grave)
Charles Chase (Grave)
Julia Chase
Rev. Alfred Griffith Chenoweth
John F. Chrismore, Sr. (Grave)
John Clendenner
David Crone
George B. Dieffenderfer (Grave)
William Dooley
Charles W. Gibbons
Caroline Heater
David Hinkle
Elijah Hodgson (voted for Lincoln)
L.L. Hodson (Quaker)
Joseph S. Jackson (Grave) (Quaker)
Thomas Laws
V. Lidner
Helen Johnson Pritchard
M.L. Real
William Riple
G.H. Snap (George H. Snapp, from Shenandoah Co.?)
Charles Snively
Job Throckmorton (Quaker)
Amos Wright (Quaker)
Rebecca L. Wright (Grave)
L.P. York (Sydney P. York?)

Note: This is an ongoing project. Data is currently incomplete, and will be updated as additional data is collected. At present most of the above named persons are only those who are reflected in Fold3, as having filed an application to the Southern Claims Commission. Others identified (to date) as Unionists appear in the last subcategory. In time, USCTs and others will be added. 

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