Jefferson County


Approved Claims
Augustine Cain [resided near Rippon] (43103)
William Crow (John M. Coyle, adm.) [Charles Town] (48001) (Grave)
Randolph Custer [near Summit Point] (48002) (Grave)
William A. Dixon [Charles Town] (43105)
William H. Dixon [Halltown] (54965)
Isaac Dust [near Duffields] (48003)
Frederick A. Fulk [Halltown] (48004) (Grave)
William Green
Elwood B. Hamilton [near Rippon] (36928)
Elijah Hawk [1.5 miles from Harpers Ferry] (48005)
John W. Hill [about a mile from Kearneysville] (41785)
William House
Mary S. Jewett (Mary E. Rutherford, Trustee) [Kearneysville] (54970)
Andrew J. Johnson [1/2 mile from Leetown]
Joseph H. Kanode [Rippon] (48007)
Thomas Kirwan [1/2 mile from Harpers Ferry] (48008) (Grave)
Samuel Lewis [Leetown] (54966)
Dangerfield Lloyd [Berryville until 1862/3 mi. from Charles Town after ’63] (41801) (Grave)
Remington S. Lock [Wadesville, Clarke Co., Va.] (51321) (Grave)
James W. McCloy [Smithfield] (51321) (Grave)
Edward W. Miller [Philadelphia*/property located 4.5 mi. from Harpers Ferry] (36943)
Jacob James Miller [near Kearneysville] (51322) (Grave)
Daniel Moler [near Harpers Ferry] (Grave)
Mary Osburn [Kabletown] (Logan Osburn, exec.)  (41896)
Lucy W. Packett
John J. Ramsburg (37319) [Leetown] (Grave)
James Roper [near Charles Town] (Logan Osburn, exec.) (48011) (Grave of Roper)
Nicholas S. Shaull [near Leetown] (48012) (Grave)
Anna Stipes [Harpers Ferry] (54971)
Joseph Welshans [Shepherdstown] (51324)
Philip H. Welshans [Shepherdstown] (43107) (Grave)

Barred and Disallowed
Charles Aglionby (14627) (Grave)
John Beck (17007) (Grave)
Hector Bell [Clarke Co., Va.; later Smithfield] (15591)
Lee Griggs Brotherton (13289) (Grave)
George W. Boyers (15534)
John G. Cockrell [Charles Town] (14428) (Grave)
Hezekiah Colbert (17008)
Nathan H. Copeland (13530)
John F. Goen (12727)
William Green (14628)
William Grove (14394)
Francis R. Hooff (14844)
Anna Kennedy [Harpers Ferry] (20178)
Adam Kidwiler (21767) (Grave)
Isaac Kidwiler [Duffields] (20229)
Charles Langdon [Charles Town] (14629) (Grave)
Willoughby N. Lemen (12545; died during claim process) (Grave)
Samuel Lewis (54966)
Thomas Licklider [Kearneysville] (13288)
Samuel K. Lindsay [Kearneysville] (13213) (Grave)
James Logie (12665) (Grave)
Joseph Melvin [Duffields] (D.W. Hendricks, Admin.) (17012)
Joseph Menifee [Duffields] (15536)
Edward Miller (36943)
Robert M. Miller (12364)
William J. Moler (15537)
Samuel Moreland [Duffields] (14371)
James W. Myers [Kabletown] (13209) (Grave)
Lucinda Myers (17316)
John W. Neer [Property at Harpers Ferry; residence at Halltown] (14431) (Grave)
Logan Osburn [Kabletown] (14433)
John B. Packett [Charles Town] (14434)
John W. Packett [Smithfield] (George W. Chase, Admin.) (17317) (Grave)
William Pane [Charles Town] (14435)
Henry Reed (14543)
John J. Ridenour (14436)
Samuel Ridenour (14436)
John W. Rockenbaugh (14311; withdrawn)
Mary E. Rutherford (Trustee for Mary Jewett) (54970)
Uriah Rutherford (John J. Lock, administrator) (12723)
George E. Shaull [Middleway] (13480) (Grave)
William Smallwood (14191)
James W. Snyder [Leetown] (13021)
Jacob W. Staley [Duffields] (15539) (Grave)
John James Hunter Straith (13119) (Grave)
David H. Strother (21715; file missing) (Grave)
James Walker [between Kearneysville and Shepherdstown] (13520)
John Welcome [Charles Town] (14630)
Elizabeth P. Wells (14313)
Francis Yates (15507) (Grave)

Others Identified as Unionists
Nathaniel O. Allison
Edmond H. Chambers
George Koonce (Grave)
James Rice [Harpers Ferry]
Hezekiah Roderick (Grave)
Augustus Herman Roeder [Harpers Ferry] (Grave)
Frederick Augustus Roeder [Harpers Ferry] (Grave)
George Rohr [Harpers Ferry] (Grave)
Adam Ruhlman
James Steadman/Stedman [Halltown]

Note: This is an ongoing project. Data is currently incomplete, and will be updated as additional data is collected. At present most of the above named persons are only those who are reflected in Fold3, as having filed an application to the Southern Claims Commission. Others identified (to date) as Unionists appear in the last subcategory. In time, USCTs and others will be added. 

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  1. […] wonder who he was. He isn’t on my list of Southern Unionists for Berkeley or Jefferson counties, but that merely means he hasn’t made the list yet (and won’t until I can get […]

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