Rockbridge County


William Davidson (9415)

Barred (B) and Disallowed (D)
Andrew Agner (6526) D
John Agner (4622) D
Charles H. Anderson (19910) D
James G. Dixon (15719) D
Philip Engleman (1104) D
Leroy C. Gilbert (6539) D
E.R. Harris, admin. of James (19909) B
George W. Jordan (16789)
Henry Judy (19559) B
Joseph W. Kelso (18550) D
James Lam (16787) B
John Lam (18551) D
Samuel McCorkle (6544) B
William W. McKenny (1103) D
William W. McKenny (11302)
Sally J. Norcross (18552) D
William H. Ott (17163) D (Grave)
James & Mary Potter (5652) F?
Andrew Shaver (17162) D
Simon P. Summers (8103) D
George W. Taylor (16788) B

United States Colored Troops (USCT)
William Alexander – 88th USCT and 3rd US Colored Heavy Artillery
John Allen – 13th US Colored Heavy Artillery
Robert Allen – Co. I, 23rd USCT Infantry
Luther Burton – Co D & C, 40th USCT Infantry
Edward S Calander/Callender – Co. K, 15th USCT Infantry
William Carter – Co. H, 27th USCT Infantry
Samuel Caruthers – Co E, 11th USCT Infantry, formerly Co E 1 Bttn, 1 Regt. Tennessee Heavy Artillery, formerly Co. G, 7th Regt. U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery
John W Crawford – Co. K, 45th USCT Infantry
George Edmonson – 45th USCT Infantry
Augustus Floyd – Co. M, 14th USCT Heavy Artillery
David Freeman – Co. I, 49th USCT Infantry
Joseph Green – Co. K, 45th USCT Infantry
Philip Hall – Co. E, 45th USCT Infantry
Samuel Hardy – Co. B, 26th USCT Infantry
William Harris – Co. H, 29th USCT Infantry
Jackson Haze – 44th USCT Infantry
David Henderson – 9th USCT Heavy Artillery
Alfred Holmes – 50th USCT Infantry
Henry C. Holmes – Co. M, 5th Massachusetts Colored Cavalry
Cornelius Howard – 3rd USCT Infantry
Samuel Johnson – 5th USCT Infantry
William Johnson – 27th USCT Infantry
George Jones – 27th USCT Infantry
Samuel Kenney – 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry
George W. Kyle – 45th USCT Infantry
Horace Lacy – 49th USCT Infantry
Jacob Lee – 32nd USCT Infantry
Franklin Lewis – 5th USCT Infantry
Andrew Logan – 3rd USCT Cavalry
John Logan – 5th USCT Colored Infantry
Samuel Mayo – 27th USCT Infantry
Frederic McClung – 5th USCT Infantry
Umphrey McDowell – 28th USCT Infantry
James S. McQueen – 16th USCT Infantry
William Moore – Co. F, 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry
Jeremiah Moore – 27th USCT Infantry
Isaac F. Paul – 27th USCT Infantry
Samuel Paxton – 45th USCT Infantry
James Preston – 44th USCT Infantry
Henry C. Ritchie – Co. E, 55th Massachusetts Colored Infantry
Albert Stewart – 44th USCT Infantry
John Tucker – 11th USCT Infantry (New)
Benjamin Wade – 45th USCT Infantry
John Wade – 45th USCT Infantry
Alexander Wade – 45th USCT Infantry
Manuel Washington – 53rd USCT Infantry
George Washington – 5th USCT Infantry
Henry White – 45th USCT Infantry

Note: This is a believed to be a relatively complete listing of those identified as Unionists in Rockbridge County, Virginia. As others are identified, they will be added. 

2 Responses to “Rockbridge County”

  1. Julie Birkhimer Says:

    I have found a Robert Allen, Company I, 27th USCT in Pike County, Ohio buried in Eden Cemetery, Pike County, Ohio. I’m trying to find more information about him. Thanks! J Birkhimer

    • Kelly D. Selby Says:

      Robert Henry Allen married Harriet Cousins on October 28, 1860 in Ross County, Ohio.

      In 1863, he is listed on the draft registration for Huntington Twp., Ross County, Ohio, as a thirty-three-year-old black, married farmer.

      He was drafted in Chillicothe, Ross County, in June 1864 and joined the 27th USCT, Company I, for three years. On October 17, 1864, he was transferred to the 23rd USCT, Company I, and served until November 30, 1865.

      He is listed (with over 100 other men who served in the 27th USCT) in the History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio section on Civil War soldiers. It also includes reference to his transfer to the 23rd (along with four others).

      He died in 1866. I have a record that shows his buried in Cousins Cemetery, Row 10, Grave 24, with a government headstone, in Pike County.

      In 1890, pension applications were filed for Harriet Prichard as widow and Annie Harris as minor. When I attempted to view them at the National Archives, the request sheet came back marked that they could not find the file.

      It appears that his parents were Robert and Hannah, also born in Virginia. They lived in Pebble Twp., Pike Co., Ohio, in 1850.

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