Stonewall’s sister, Laura Jackson Arnold… Unionist at heart

Just a reminder that differences in sentiment were sometimes deeper than some may realize.  As this interpretive sign in Beverly, West Virginia shows us, Stonewall Jackson’s sister wasn’t exactly thinking in harmony with her brother when it came to Virginia and the Confederacy. Inevitably, it appears that her Unionist sentiment likely had an impact on her marriage with Jonathan Arnold, a Confederate sympathizer.


4 Responses to “Stonewall’s sister, Laura Jackson Arnold… Unionist at heart”

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  2. […] touched briefly on Jackson’s sister, Laura Jackson Arnold, before… of course it’s interesting that her Unionism even impacted the relationship with her […]

  3. […] I encourage readers to take the time to look through the same letters… again, those from the 1850s (seen here)… and… give  special attention to the relationship between Jackson and his sister… all the while, thinking about how differences in opinion impacted that relationship when the Civil War came, when Laura’s sentiments did not align with those of her brother. […]

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