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This site focuses mainly on Southerners who were not “in harmony” with the secession movement or the Confederacy.

The objective of this blog was originally to serve as a blog. However, as of 12/31/2012, this has officially changed format to a “website”. The intent, now, is to turn this site into a database, with both internal links (to former blog posts, here) and external links (to posts in my main blog, Cenantua’s Blog). Hopefully, the site will shed light on the people and events that tell the story of Southern Unionism in the American Civil War.

You will notice in the sidebar that I have been creating pages for different counties of interests to me. As of now, the counties of the Shenandoah Valley are being populated with data (please see the page for Page County, Virginia for an example of what I’d like to see for each county, along with other expansions as well). In time, data will start to flow into the other Virginia counties as well as the Alabama, Mississippi, etc. pages. This may also be expanded to cover more area as time moves along.

The comment fields remain open, even for the pages. When considering making comments, please read the summaries, think about them, and consider other factors that may have been at work. For that matter, perhaps a reader can provide biographical information about the people involved in a narrative, and thereby provide us with more tools to better analyze and understand. With more information from the reader, this should prove to be an even more valuable resource.

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This site has been created strictly for free public access, but any use of posted summaries should be properly cited. See this page for examples on how to make citations for entries.

Notes regarding comments made to this site and the respective summaries
As mentioned above, comment fields remain, and comments are welcome and encouraged for interaction with authors of the respective summaries, as well as others who have made comments. Please be warned, however, that comments that are deemed rant-like in the condemnation of Southern Unionists, the author of the summary, or of others who have made comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted/blocked.

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