Clarke County


Approved Claims
Jesse Butler (48630)
Mary F. Carpenter (1113) (Grave)
James W. Irwin (36990)
Savery Iverson (36731)
Mary Jane Little (55247)
John R. Ryley (36726)
William F. Stolle (41856) (Grave)
Joseph T. Thomas (51491)
Taylor Thornton (55264)

Barred and Disallowed
Mary Brannon (7944)
John Cain
James Carper (7945)
Julia Ann Carper (8332)
Robert L. Denny (20582) (Grave)
Mary E. Heflybower (3050) (Grave)
David Shaull (17011)
George W. Sowers (12413)

Other Known Unionists
George Bell
John C. Underwood

Note: This is an ongoing project. Data is currently incomplete, and will be updated as additional data is collected. At present most of the above named persons are only those who are reflected in Fold3, as having filed an application to the Southern Claims Commission. As others are identified (including USCTs born in the county) they will be added to this list. 

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