Itawamba County

2 Responses to “Itawamba County”

  1. John H. Allen Says:

    William and Matthew Allen of Itawamba Counta, MS, went off to fight in the Civil War and were never heard from again. Do not know regiment. Assumed it was Confederate, but might have been Union,.

  2. Andrew Beachum Says:

    I had an ancestor, Hugh L. Beachum, who fought w/ the 2nd MS Infantry through Gettysburg, where he was wounded. He went AWOL from a hospital in Maryland, and made it back to Itawamba County by the fall 1863. 1/1/1864 he joined the 1st AL Cavalry at Camp Davies. He mustered out at War’s end. His brother, James Monroe Beachum, was captured at Gettysburg (he was in the same company), and went to Ft. McHenry for a while, but remained a loyal Confederate. I wish I could find out what made Hugh change allegiances? His dad was the sheriff of Itawamba Co., as well as Mayor at one time, and his older brother John was deputy, and a ranger (hunted stray livestock), and as far as I know remained a civilian during the War (John was my g-g-g-grandfather). John died in 1862, supposedly as a civilian in a Federal camp due to malaria – this has not been confirmed). I have felt due to some information I have come across that Hugh’s decision (and John Beachum’s death) might have actually been tied to events around the bloody Home Guard-“Tory” conflict in the mountains of NE MS and NW AL. Anyway, just thought I would share.

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